In partnership with World Surf League (WSL), IKEA has been exploring how to meet the home 
furnishing and lifestyle needs of active, on the go-ers in the surfing community, and how to bring
 those learnings to the many people.

The IKEA and WSL design team consist of Kassia Meador, Kim Hogan, Rob Machado, Jason Penning,
 Daniel Willon from WSL, Mikael Axelsson, Wiebke Braash and  Mehmet Mehmetalioglu, from IKEA.

Grilling with family and friends always means good times and delicious food, but sometimes 
it becomes a hassle with products not designed for the active lifestyle and beach usage.

I wanted to help the user to create memorable moments with family and friends on the beach
 with less effort and meet their needs. 

Product Details

KÅSEBERGA | portable charcoal grill is perfect for bringing to the beach, the park or on a camping trip.
The included chopping board lies firmly in place on the lid when the lid is turned upside down and is perfect to use for preparing and serving food. You can easily fold the grill up, so that it takes up less space during 
transport and storage.

Perfect for grilling small pieces of food, such as fish or sliced vegetables, as the grate is designed to prevent pieces from falling into the hot coals. The vents increase the airflow in the bowl, which gives a higher grilling temperature and quicker cooking.

For outdoor use only.
Cooking area: diameter 9½"

Rob Machado | Mehmet Mehmetalioglu
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